Swallis Swimwear

Swallis Swimwear

$58.00 USD $58.00 USD

Swimsuit with a nice bow and flounce in front and back. MarMar's swimwear blocks up to 98% of the sun's rays and provides maximum protection against the sun's rays. Be aware that sunlight can bleach your swimwear over time.

- Sun protection UV 50+ / UPF factor 50

To avoid the colors fading, loss of elasticity and to prolong the life span of your new swimwear always make sure that:

- Rinse your swimwear after use in salt water and chlorine water.
- Use detergent without bleach and wash at maximum 40 degrees delicate cycle or handwashed.
- Do not tumble dry your swimwear as this will weaken the fibers in the material.
- Avoid direct contact with sunscreen as this may cause stains and discoloration.

By: MarMar Copenhagen